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1) YOU can add items you like to a favorites/wish list (click an item to add to list and when inside your account look to the upper right for the heart icon)
2) YOUR shipping address is recorded.
3)EVERYTHING you buy is recorded.

20% OFF: If you buy at least 2 items that add up to or over $35.00, you can type in the code 20 at checkout and get 20% off your entire order! (include as many items in one order that you want, type in the code 20 at checkout, and all of the items get 20% off!)

FREE SHIPPING: Yes, shipping is free for every item, no matter how many items you have in an order.

DELIVERY & TRACKING: Each item has a delivery time inside it's ad.
You can request the tracking number for your order. Include your name and request it at :

DELAY: An order may take longer than usual to be delivered if the item(s) were ordered shortly before or after a holiday (now matter how small the holiday). Post offices usually get backed up during these times.
Also if a storm is in the path of your delivery, it may cause delay.

CONDITION OF ITEMS: The ad for an item always contains what condition an item for sale is in. The condition, and any flaws, are listed in the description for each used item. The overall condition of each item is one out of two possibilities: A used item for sale is either in EXCELLENT condition or in GOOD condition.

EXCELLENT / PERFECT condition means the used item looks just bought.
GOOD / LIGHT WEAR condition means the used item has subtle paling (fuzz) or fading WHICH CAN NOT BE SEEN 12" AWAY.
Any additional flaw of an item is always listed (ex: a small smudge here, or a tiny mark there).


SHOPPING TIPS: Look in the ad for MEASUREMENTS. Make sure the item your interested in will fit in the area you want it to. If it is a piece of clothing, keep in mind that fabric shrinks or a NEW garment may be mis-sized). Also, some manufactures have different sizing charts compared to the majority. Contact:

Guard against buying anything used on-line if you are on a low budget. Even a very small matter will seem huge if a used item was bought by someone on a shoe string budget.

" across the underarms " means the item is layed flat. It is measured across the bottom edge of the underarms, side to side, in inches.
" shoulder to hem" means the top is measured from the edge of the neck opening and shoulder straight down to the bottom edge, in inches.
" waist " means the article is layed flat and measured at the top, side to side in inches.
" inseam " means to pants or jeans are measured from the bottom of the crotch to the bottom edge of the leg of the item, in inches.
" knee length " , " mid-calf length ", " ankle length " describes dress/skirt lengths.
" Height x Depth x Width " is used when measuring objects, in inches.
Tools have many different ways of measuring. Be sure to ask for particular tool measurements.

EUROPEAN SHOE SIZES convert easily into american sizes by remembering this: the second number = american size (ex: 37 means size 7, 38 means size 8, 40 means size 10, ect.) Most European shoe makers follow this guide. Japanese shoe sizing is different. Mexican shoe sizes are also different.
" toe to heel " these mean the measurement of a shoe on the outside from the tip of the toe to the end of the standing heel, not the curved area for the foot's Achilles heel to rest in.
Dance shoes and sports shoes have different measurements than those of street shoes. Be sure to ask for these measurements from the seller before you buy.
" standing heel " means the stalk of a high heel , not the back of the foot.
JEWELRY MEASUREMENTS are usually measured in millimeters (mm) because jewelry is small thus using mm gives a more accurate measurement.

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RETURNS: No we do not accept returns/give refunds. maintains a good policy on the condition of the items sold here.

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