About Us


LuxuryResold.com is an  e-commerce on-line store. We sell new and gently used name brand items in clothes, shoes,  jewelry , wigs and more. We sell regular size and plus size in women and men. And we have a large jewelry collection.

LuxuryResold.com offers free shipping on all items but we do not accept returns / refunds. Because of our no return/refund policy LuxuryResold.com maintains regulations on the condition of the used items that are sold here. Shipping on most items take 1 - 2 weeks arrival from the time of order to the time it reaches the address of the buyer.

LuxuryResold.com has firm on-line shopping security using Mcafee, NoFraud, HumanPresence, and LuxuryResold.com has a SSL security certificate. More information about our security can be found in QUESTIONS.

This website, https://LuxuryResold.com, is owned by William Burgess. The CEO of this website is Vera Volpe. This company is based in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. We only sell to the residents of the United States. We sell and ship to military addresses and post office addresses. We also sell to United States protectorates however expect a much longer delivery time like 1 - 3 months to these protectorate states (this is the behavior of U.S. mail delivery, not LuxuryResold.com ).